What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

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You can visit mine, It got more views and better ideas.


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Not better ideas, because you didn't let the community decide, and you just refreshed the page  a bunch of times to add views. You had like 5k in 3 days, then almost 8k, about 10 minutes later.

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more views and better ideas? Not more views

Trying to get more views GTFO.

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I think we should have final stand but not where you get back up easily, There could be a new perk-Medic- where you can drag them somewhere safe, Then try to revive them (it shouldn't work everytime).

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Recoil - we need more recoil on all the guns, different recoil on each gun will give said guns individuality.

Gun Class Distinction - at the moment smg's are all range weapons, they need to have their damage dropoff reduced and spread increased, but the high rate of fire will make them good at close quarters.

Assault rifles need a lower rate of fire a longer damage drop off than smg's tighter spread etc, to make the them suitable for medium to long range firefights.

Maps - Do not take any advice from IW on map design, they failed miserably on MW3.

Aim Assist - it's currently too strong, lets make this game a competition again.

Connectivity - you got this badly wrong in Blk Op's, MW3 was even worse, this has to be a priority.

Some kind of beta, the last couple of COD's have suffered from a proper beta, played over the interweb, sure we will all see some of the game before release, but after the last COD I can assure you I will not buy this one until I have tried it so it has to be good.

P.S. War was an amazing gamemode, much better than kill confirmed, why was it binned?

EDIT: the killstreaks need a complete overhaul, they a rubbish as it stands and overpowered!

Also the perk system is stale, you and IW have flogged that horse to death, surprise us with something better!

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I love Clam. Er, I mean I love you Clam.

Uh, whatever, I mean to say is that I love your ideas here.

SMGs should have significant drop off after a certain range.  Sniping with pistols (Deagle in MW2) and SMGs is complete crap.  Also, they should not be able to shoot through walls with significant penetration.  This is why they're used in hostage resuce ops or VIP protection details.

Revenge spawns are crap.  If I killed you, you have to come find me, not spawn behind me.  You should earn your kill.

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I hope they bring back diving. Used to love feeling like rambo, diving behind cover. Felt kinda weird when MW3 came out and I couldn't dive! Seemed to me like a good addition, felt like a step backwards in MW3 when I couldn't do it.

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1. No Final Stand, Last Stand, etc.  AGREED

2. Make a seperate game mode for snipers, let them do their own thing.

3. No Lethal Deathstreaks. Keep Juiced, Revenge, etc. (Edited)  AGREED

4. No Revenge Spawns  AGREED

5. Make Predator Missile At Least A 6 Killstreak (Edited)  AGREED

6. Bring back Zombies!  AGREED

7. Bring back Combat Training  DO NOT AGREE, waste of time, IMO.

8. MW3 Did it Right With Shotgun attachments, don't just give the player one attachment for each different shotgun. Sometimes a grip would be better on a SPAS 12 than a suppresser. (Edited)  Not sure I understand what this means.  Are your stating that every attachement should be available for every weapon?

9. Bring Back Infected, but Don't Make It Count Towards KDR. (Edited)  AGREED, no non-standard (TDM, SnD, HQ, FFA, etc.) gamemode should count K/D

10. No More Tactical Insertion or Portable Radar, They Just Promote Camping And Boosting. Or only allow them in certain game modes.  AGREED

11. No Grenade Launchers, or Rocket Launchers in Hardcore. (Or Make Them Weaker)  DO NOT AGREE.  Launchers are fine.  Maybe tweak the kill radius to be slightly smaller for HC.  You remove noobs and rockets from HC and you'll have riots in LA.  Ask Cable.

12. Make A Perk To Counter Ghost, Or Make It Weaker (Edited)  DO NOT AGREE.  What's the point in being stealth, if the enemy can see you?

13. Customizable Gun Stats Would Be Great (Give Us 10 points or something, and we distribute them) (Edited)  DO NOT AGREE.  Attachments should be earned through kills as in MW/W@W.  Specifically, you don't get the sniper scope attachment for the rifle until you get a certain amount of kills.  Put some skill requirement back into CoD.

14. Make Knife an Equipment, Or A Secondary. Find Some Way To Get Rid Of Panic Knifing (Edited)  ABSOLUTELY DO NOT AGREE.  Knife should only be returned to its status in MW/W@W.

15. No Recon Drone, Or At Least Make It Easier To Shoot Down (Recon Drone In MW3 Has Flares) (Edited)   AGREED. Recon Drone was a waste of a killstreak too.

16. No Akimbo Full Auto Guns/Pistols  AGREED, kinda.  Nerf the crap out of akimbo weapons.  The stats always state that akimbo reduces accuracy.  BS.  They should REALLY be inaccurate at distance.  Auto-pistols are fine; also should be inaccurate at distance.

17. Bring Back The Black Ops Emblem System  AGREED.  Although, incorporate perma-bans after 1st offense for racist/sexual emblems. ZERO TOLERANCE for the kiddies.  It should be that way anyways; they don't need to be playing if <17 yrs. old.  That's a different topic though.

18. Get Rid Of Lag Compensation, Work On Hit Detection) AGREED

19. If You Bring Snipers Into Regular Game Modes, Get Rid Of Aim Assist AGREED, although aim assist is somewhat needed (debatable).  Some people just suck at sniping.  How about making the hitbox smaller.  Not 4x4 hit box for a bolt action, crap.

I would also like to see efforts made to eliminate the assault/support KS idea.  Lump all killstreaks into one area, allow only 3 at a time, but DO NOT cycle through once achieved.  You must die in order for your KS to restart as in MW/W@W.

If people complain about Ghost, how about creating a feature that eliminates the perk if your character is inactive for a certain period of time, say 30 seconds?  Once that time passes, you are now visible on radar and have to remain mobile for 60 seconds to reinstate Ghost.

Revenge spawns should be eliminated.

Only TDM, KC, and FFA should have K/D-centered points.  All objective-based gamemodes should tailor the points system toward the objectives and not reward kills as much as they have in the past.  Kills are good, but the objective is the objective, not the kill.

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