Ray Gun in zombies?

Call of Duty Black Ops II Xbox 360

Ray Gun in zombies?

Hey guys

i seem to have an issue with getting the ray gun in zombies on the farm map when i play local..

what happens is

i will play local with my xbox name.

my partner will sign in under their xbox name (Non xbox live name) just a profile

i will buy the mystery box 3-5 times and get a ray gun

they will buy it 7-10 times and not get the ray gun

at times when i watch their mystery box go through the cycle of guns you wont even see the ray gun in the cycle...

is there a limit to the amount of ray guns in zombies now?

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Re: Ray Gun in zombies?

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Re: Ray Gun in zombies?

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You're better off with the LMG's in zombies anyhow.  I played a game with 4 players yesterday, and 3 of us had ray guns.  After round 10 or 12, they aren't very effective.  Plus, you can't take advantage of the double tap with them.  LMG with speed/jugg/double tap is the way to go.

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