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Nuketown 2025 Question

I KNOW that right now Nuketown 2025 is limited to one playlist and it will only be brought back during a double XP weekend, blah blah blah...

However, do you think that Nuketown will be added to the regular playlists once DLC Pack 1 is released? I figured that Nuketown wasn't in the regular playlists due to the fact that servers would be divided between those with the DLC and those without it from day 1. But when DLC Pack 1 comes out, I think it should be added to the regular rotation to those who purchased pack 1. Thoughts?

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Re: Nuketown 2025 Question

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I doubt it.  Nuketown 2025 was a preorder bonus, so I doubt it will ever show up in the regular playlist.  I'll be surprised if it's included in ANY future DLC.

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