Hated by your own team?

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Hated by your own team?

Last night I was playing TDM, and these two guys from my team would follow me around while I got kills just spamming their guns. At first I though, "Oh cool, I have personal body guards that are bored." Then I crouched in a corner to dodge some gun fire and they blocked me in....wouldn't let me go. They continued to try and do the same thing the whole game until the host dashboarded. I assume it was some 10 year old with his splitscreening buddy.

Has anyone else ever had this done to them? How do you report something like that, or do you just let it go?

We used to play in groups of 3 a lot, and one time had people we had beaten in a previous match end up on our team. They decided to empty all bullets out on us and try to get in our way the whole match, but we still ended up winning.  But really, what would make people screw up their own team members? Besides rage from previous games obviously.

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Re: Hated by your own team?

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Just trolls being trolls.

I wish they had included a report for "Exploiting" like they did on MW3, as that is basically what they are doing, exploiting a feature of the game to ruin the experience for others.

Use the XBL reporting tools to avoid them and report them and leave the lobby.

See this from time to time in HC TDM, but not as bad.

Sad that people have "fun" by ruining the fun of others.

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Re: Hated by your own team?

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Maybe you'll see yourself on YouTube. Some are doing it just to troll and they find it funny to grief others.

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Re: Hated by your own team?

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I really wish they would just put a visible skill-based ranking structure like Leagues but in all playlists.  So if you are good then you won't have to deal with them.

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Re: Hated by your own team?

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I've had the blocking thing done to me a few times.

I figure I'm easy bait for that as I use a LMG and try to hunker down in a corner to reload when possible.

Like drew said, just use the XBL report feature so that you can avoid being matched up with them in the future.

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