Clan Challenges ??

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Clan Challenges ??

I am in clan, and we are trying to do the clan challenge stuff, but for some reason only 2 people out of 9 are actually getting points towards our challenges.  Last night we did the core HQ capture challenge, and each of us had about 15 caps a piece, but only two peoples activity shows up.

Whats going on? Anyone else have this issue?

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Re: Clan Challenges ??

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Were the members in question enlisted in the clan before your clan enlisted in the challenges? If no then they won't count if yes then you need to go to the support page and fill out a form, don't know how long it will take to fix as they seem to be awol at the moment

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Re: Clan Challenges ??

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I'd enlisted everyone in my clan before i did the challenge and i still didn't count at all!

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