Banned and Reset By hacker!

Call of Duty Black Ops II Xbox 360

Banned and Reset By hacker!

Hi,i played against someone who was killing everyone by shooting through a wall his gamertag appeard as [Removed by Moderator.] then changed to [Removed by Moderator.].Now i left and reported the player.Then the next day i log in and i receive a error: "banned and reset by memei (:" i have no idea what happened i cant do anything no zombies,campaign,nor multiplayer.I lost everything i had diamond on smgs,master killer,and i was 6th level 25?Also i received "last signed in on another console". Please help me  i'd appreciate it.Thanks in advance.[Removed by Moderator.]

p.s he or she also signed in to my elite .!


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Re: Banned and Reset By hacker!

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You can't do this here. Its against the Code of Conduct. Report them at and in game.

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Re: Banned and Reset By hacker!

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That sucks bro! Similar thing happened to me in MW. Still can't play online, it says I'm like 50 billion XP from reaching level one!

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Re: Banned and Reset By hacker!

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Gamertags have been removed due to violations of our Black Ops 2 Community Etiquette & Guidelines.

I suggest that you contact Xbox Live Customer Support and discuss with them the state of your compromised account. Then follow up with Activision Customer Support. Here's the contact information that you need.


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Edit: I've locked your thread because this forum can not service your issue. I, nor any other moderator, and the community can not assist your further.

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