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Re: Anybody else fed up?

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Kalkiavatara wrote:

I strongly disagree.

Treyarch's Black Ops 2 has slight chronometric synchonization issues, but pale in comparison to the game's overall high quality and enduring playable content, including the refreshing and creative voluntary option of the recent DLC I know I am obligatorily supposed to rage against as "capitalist piracy", but not being of the Communist persuasion and mentally sound, I am overall more than happy with this Call of Duty, possibly the unbeatable apex of the franchise, in light of learning the recent trend of qualitative reduction...

What gladdens me most is it seems for whatever reason the ethically dysfunctional aggressors against others and aggressors against decency are being slowly but gradually, truthfully dealt with... Having a mobocracy of egomaniacs who know ONLY adrenaline, and EXCLUSIVELY adrenaline, a mindless neuroheuromone, is what previously brought devastation upon the gaming experience... So hopefully the weeding out of the Internet tough guys, pedophiles, Nazi genocidal fetishists who celebrate the murder of Jews as a flip triviality and mockery, etc., -- hopefully the character-based, thus qualitative, improvement proceeds apace...

I am only optimistic. The chronometry issues I have analyzed, are vastly minor and capable of being handled individually, and therefore are nugatory in the end.

The chronology of events that happen in the game are directly related to the ability to compete and eliminate opponents which is the most important (core) part of game play. If the core of the game is malfunctioning, all other aspects of the game cease to be relevant.

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Re: Anybody else fed up?

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Coaltower wrote:

you sound like a communist. i am not allowed to voice my dissapointment? this is america my friend. there are thousands of posts that complain about the same problems.

Not everyone lives in America. This is a public discussion board located on the Internet. You agreed to follow the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct upon registration. Attacking other members because you do not agree with their opinions will cause your content to be locked or deleted. If their posts contain offensive materials report it and allow the moderators to handle it.

Users are not entitled to their own thread if duplicate threads already exist. We do our best to purge such threads and redirect users to active discussions, but some will slip through. It happens.

deamonomic wrote:

BTW now reporting this thread as it seems like its not a place for discussion but simply a place for you to complain and insult others who have differing opinions. TROLL THREAD.

Refrain from publicly announcing when you report a thread or post. All it does is escalate the situation.

SeraphOne wrote:

I've been down this road with these two before.

Either this is the response they're after or they work for the company. You'd have thought the mods would have taken some action by now but since they're all mates it's no surprise

No one receives special treatment from us. Everyone is obligated to abide by our rules. Those who fail to follow the rules are punished accordingly.

Two of the moderators are attending the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal event in LA and another is busy with other matters. Apologies if reports are not completed in a timely manner.

To the rest of the community:

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