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Like I said, you are the problem. You enjoy ruining the experience for others, and you fail to see the value in working for or earning things. Giving everyone everything up front defeats the purpose of a game.

You claim to know not confuse games with real life, but the intelligent, honest amongst us know that your character is what you do when nobody is watching, and carries on into everything you do.

There is no "confusion" here. I play the game... to play the game. To challenge myself, to have fun. People like you suck the fun out of it.

"You ain't gotta like me, you just mad,cause I tell it how it is, and you tell it how it might be" - Victory
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Re: 3274 score per min. Come On Man

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When you dont play against a player (such as seeing him on the leaderboard) a typical in game report will not work.

For a report to work they first need multiple reports on a player from random people. Then they need a player to play IN a game with that person, then they need to cheat in THAT game.

Otherwise the report comes out as not guilty.

Reporting them by following procedure DOES get the job done. Hence the reason (for example) that players post "why was I banned" and "I was banned from the emblem editor" threads.

If you are following them around waiting for them to get in trouble save yourself the trouble.

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