Banned with a NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call of Duty Black Ops II PC

Banned with a NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon ...

Good day today 27/09 I was playing Black Ops II on PC, but I came across the message of banishment ...

I wonder why, because I never used any kind of hack, mod or booster ...

So if possible exclarecer me the reason ...

thank you already checked in and it says I'm not banned!

my steam id is STEAM_0: 0:68831294!


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Re: Banned with a NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Try tweeting ATVIassist.

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Re: Banned with a NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bans encountered in-game are the product of thorough investigation by Treyarch. We understand that you may be frustrated or confused, but we must lock this thread in accordance with our Black Ops 2 Community Etiquette & Guidelines. You can also look for assistance here: Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) - Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) System - Knowledge Base - Steam Support

Please understand that this is a routine forum procedure. For more information, please review our Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy.

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