Prestige 3 K.D 1.6

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Prestige 3 K.D 1.6

Looking for any elite clan that wants me! One that simply does clan ops and etc.

Most Kills : 113

K.D: 1.59

PSN: BaconDeluxe69

Link your clan page below and ill send in my application!

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Re: Prestige 3 K.D 1.6

Come check out Bacon Chili Cheese. We know how to play the objective and win while having fun doing so. No requirements just maturity. We are a self-moderating community, with no drama. I just have to say that I love your PSN ID.



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Re: Prestige 3 K.D 1.6

Sweet PSN name lol im hungry!


If you are in search of a professional team who like to have fun and win at the same time look no further.

FRAGOUT are a global clan looking for US and EU players making up 4 teams in the clan USA A and B and EU A and B

We are looking for tactical players with a love of the game and foruming.

The players will need to complete an application which can be found at the following link.

If you feel you want to take your gaming a little more seriously and have fun at the same time please apply!


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