Looking for a Clan!

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Looking for a Clan!

Looking to join a UK only clan for Xbox 360

My Stats -

51% win percentage over all game modes

K/D 1.18 (Not the best but I go for the win)

Send me a message on xbox if you are interested!

Xbox 360 Gamertag - Weetabiix Boii

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Re: Looking for a Clan!

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Check out TORC GAMING my friend...

It could be what you are looking for


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Re: Looking for a Clan!

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Console ARMY is looking for like minded gamers to join us. We are an organized group with a website for our community. We are also a registered Top 100 Clan and CNOP approved. Must be 15 or older, be mature, and have a mic. If interested please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information. Tell them CJ sent you.



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Re: Looking for a Clan!

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Those clans above me? LAME. Join Pants on Fire. We are a small & active clan playing to just have a good time. We are pretty decent, but have no K/D requirements. Look us up on Elite: Pants on Fire, or accept the invite I just sent you.

-No racists

-No anoying youths

We are mostly an adult(ish) clan.

Pants on Fire

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