Laid Back PS3 Clan Recruiting

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Laid Back PS3 Clan Recruiting

Just started a clan on mw3 roughly 2 months ago with a couple of my friends and we are just looking for some more members to join us. We do all clan ops and clan challanges but do not take it serious. we are a very laid back clan. Only things we ask of new members is that they have a mic and use it as much as they can and must be over the age of 21. The name of our clan is Here 4 Beer. Search us and apply. please leave a short msg stating your location and age. location isnt a big deal we just like to know where everyone is from. We currently have a few canadians a couple americans and a guy from the UK. Lvl 23 clan on MW3 and hopin to lvl up fast on BO2.  

Hope to see some applications poppin up soon.

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