Call of Duty: Black Ops Sharpshooter/One in the Chamber Wager Match – Pro Tips

By BlackOpsNews on November 9, 2011
Level 19

Listen up soldier, it’s time for lesson two! We’re throwing random weapons at you in Sharpshooter and testing your evasive abilities in One in the Chamber. How are you going to top your fellow recruits and make it out on top? Check out these Pro Tips to find out.



Success in Sharpshooter requires a heightened level of situational awareness. Instead of focusing in one direction, move back and forth between sight lines within an area of the map. Adjust your mobility according to the weapon: move aggressively with close-range weapons, and pace yourself with long-range weapons.

Not every cycle works to your advantage. You might be unfamiliar with some weapons, or they may feature less effective attachments. Others might simply be a bad fit for the map. In these situations it’s best to simply build perks and bonuses, staying out of danger as you wait on a weapon change. It won’t award as many points, but knifing can be a great way to extend your killstreak.

Remember that your ultimate goal in Sharpshooter is not to have the most kills, but score the most points. Stringing together kills with the 2x score multiplier is more efficient than running recklessly around for that one kill. Playing smartly allows you to catch up from a bad start or add on to an insurmountable lead.

One in the Chamber

Positioning is everything in One in the Chamber, requiring a balance of offensive play and evasive action. Try to stick near predictable, close-quarters areas, avoiding open parts of the map where enemies can spot you. As you can’t look behind you at all times, keep your back to noisy ground to amplify the footsteps of approaching enemies.

During those face-to-face battles, base your attack on the opponent’s body language. Enemies who are slow and deliberate might be getting ready to fire, so take cover and evade to waste their bullet. Enemies that appear jumpy and defensive meanwhile might not even have a bullet left, so slow down your play and wait for their futile attempts at knifing.

In contrast, you can flip the script to catch overly confident players off guard. Playing like someone without a bullet, bait enemies into knife fights when you still have ammo left to fire. Employ these high-level tactics to not only win a particular engagement, but also to remain unpredictable in the matchups to come.

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