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[PC][all] TM8 Gaming Network - Black Ops IIII

The PC community takes control and responsibility for our gaming and multiplayer experiences. We choose from the very best hardware, controls, and communities for our games. We don't need corporate approval to play the games and modes we want--whether they are next gen, last gen, or decade old classics.

Black Ops IIII promises to be the best PC shooter and zombies experience to date. Treyarch has always provided the best support of the series for PC. We're looking forward to great year!


But we do have to find each other! There aren't nearly as many playing PC as consoles. It can be impossible to find players for less popular modes and to play them at will. DLC maps split our playerbase and other games pull us apart. Groups and friends lists help some, but they just aren't enough and focus scatters as new games and maps get released.


TM8 Gaming Network - An open, international gaming network

- Join TM8's Discord server for text alerts, game invites, and voice comms (optional). 
- Apply below with your Discord username, Battle.net tag, and specific interests. Be sure to include the digits e.g. "AquaeAtrae#1215"
- Our team of @Moderators will help connect you to upcoming games and discussion.


Did you know? Of the hundreds of thousands playing and streaming Call of Duty, only 2% use PCs.


Just six players can start most any mode. 


   Welcome to PC gaming. 
       Okay, let's build a lobby!


All clans welcome, but you may be judged by the company you keep.
  No spam or unsolicited promotions.
Open to any skill level and play styles.
  No cheating. No boosting. No bans.



In 2015, TM8™ formed to organize various public games every day for Advanced Warfare ...this was long after it had supposedly "died". We've since expanded to support other Call of Duty titles and other shooters. Over the year's we've retained our values, goals, and a core team committed to addressing unique challenges PC gamers face.




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Re: [PC][all] TM8 Gaming Network - Black Ops III...

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JBLZR#1342 (discord) checking in, I am returning to COD player who has only really played COD 1-2 + BO3 - IW - WW2 as far as MP goes. I started playing with TM8 in late 2015 even though BO3 was booming with players as it became quite fun to be in the same lobby as others and have semi coordinated games and or banter killing one another. The last two COD titles have been lackluster compared to BO3 which was a bit of a gem so I am quite excited with announcement of BO4.

Currently I mostly play Quake Champions and a few other random titles here and there, I enjoy mostly FPS games these days, being on discord and joining in the groups and connecting with other players now and then. If you are a current COD player or fan or even just want to play BO4 come join discord if you like, TM8 from what I have seen is one of if not the leading group when it comes to organizing COD games on PC.

Check out my Steam profile if you want to see what I play  https://steamcommunity.com/id/JBLZR/

Discord invite I believe is in the post above or post here for one.

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Re: [PC][all] TM8 Gaming Network - Black Ops III...

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Nice! Glad to have you with us JBLZR Smiley Happy


As I recall, you were particularly interested in competive play (like BO3 Arena). We want to see more of that for sure, as well as our casual games. Maybe you can help us get a weekly night rolling. And hopefully (for PC players), joining friends (teams) will be supported for any new competive modes (as well as Gun Game, FFA, etc). When we're not given the ability to join each other and build our own lobbies, these modes become impossible to play.


Discord: AquaeAtrae#1215

Battle.net: AquaeAtrae#1215

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/aquaeatrae/home/


I created TM8 when the "#1 best selling video game of 2015" quickly became unplayable on PC due to low player count and poor anti-cheat. We've consistently been given great games, but no way to enjoy them. We're working to fix this.


Join us and tell us about your PC Call of Duty experience ...good, bad or ugly.

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