Looking for bo4 multiplayer clan (ps4) USA

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Hello, I'm looking for a multiplayer competitive clan that takes things seriously, but also likes to have fun. Message me on ps4 @ Pulk_Warfare for more info about your clan

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ummmmm ok?

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Hi there.
I am in a clan called tactical Gaming.
We are World wide and we have different sections to cater for people. We have casual gamers and we have competitive gamers. There is LOADS of members and always someone online to play with also.. You make forever friends here and you can choose multiplayer, blackout, squad. There are people who play zombies also. I have been here a small while but its great. There is not one single bad person here and the banter is great.
If your interested then follow my link to the site and sign up. From there follow all instructions you receive.

Here is my link. Remember when you fill out the form on any parts that say referral then put in IVIichaelB


Feel free to add me on psn

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