Evolution Gaming is Recruiting! {Xbox One}

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Recruitment Forum

You got an Xbox? Are you tired of playing alone? Getting frustrated that your team mates just seem like they have no idea how to hold a controller?? Starting to get annoyed at the same sounding 12 year old yelling in your mic, t-bagging you, and calling you trash? Don’t worry friend, we got you!
The Evolution Gaming clan is a growing gaming community with 25 members and we want you to help expand our little family! 🤙
Got a competitive side?! Our GB team finished in the top 100 in the NA ladders!! Help them out, maybe you can provide the helping hand they need to make it to the top!
Looking for friends? Dude we got you, so long as you follow the simple rules we’ve set in stone and not a complete douche, we got the most awesome and weirdest members that will turn your gaming experience into some fun memories!
Don’t just play CoD?! That’s cool, we didn’t buy an Xbox either to just play one game! We’ve also branched out to games such as: Ark, Apex Legends, Division 2, Anthem, Fortnite, and more to come in the future!
Please keep in mind that you must be 16+ to join the Evolution Gaming Clan. 
PM me or comment down below if you want further details and wish to run with us! After that it will be your call if you wish to be part of our family👌
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Hi, I’m an Xbox one player wondering if there is a spot for a competitive player to join the team, in my opinion I’m really good

player and have experience with game battles and ladder matches my gamer tag is

OpEm RyZe

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Hi I was interested in joining the clan my gamer tag is Avila082316

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Interested gamertag is DEADSH0T v2

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Im interested and a chick btw GT: EA5YWEA5Y

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Hey, I’m interested in joining my Gamer Tag is EyesOf Illusion. 

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