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Tired of fighting alone and losing battles over and over again because your team is just running around? Well my friend TFB is in the house of BO4 COD.
So what is TFB? Task Force Bravo is a clan with around 300+ members covering a diversity of different games, and we are recruiting for our BO4 COD division!

Just some reasons to join TFB:

•TFB is an active clan with mature players
•Plenty of event to join
•There is always activity going on our TeamSpeak server.
•We have streamers to spread the joy, and we are always looking for more streamers.
•We fight like a team, and we will help you out so you can join our ranks.

•A 7 Days to Die Server, Rust, PUBG and many more to come

•This list should be longer but most importantly, everyone who joins us will be having FUN.


• Steam Page



If you would like to join, add me on NightmaRe#27348

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