Zombies Collector Edition Ideas

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

So the Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition Mini-Fridge was a huge success last time. So lets hear some ideas on what we would want for this year's Zombies Collector Edition.

                                                                                                    * This thread is speculative only there has been no info on such a collector edition and I do not claim I know otherwise.



  • Microwave: Pack-A-Punch 
  • Toaster: Quick Revive
  • Mini-Fridge: Speed Cola or Double Tap 
  • Cooler: Electric Cherry (Sloth_Boi_72)






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How about an Electirc Cherry microwave and whenever its being used it plays the jingle

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Electric_cherry_perk_pic_1.pngKind of look like it would be better as a drink cooler. Not a mini fridge but a cooler where you throw ice in it with your soda cans. Also electric cherry doesn't really have a jingle you can hear it here.



~ The Venocrafter

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Your idea's great and Black ops 3's juggernog edition was a great success. To go along with those appliances (or if they only add one of them) they could add: 

perk a cola coasters including: Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Double Tap and Eletric Cherry.

The Black ops pass. 

The return of the collectible steel book.

2-3 camos for multiplayer and zombies.


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