Will black ops 4 have offline local play

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

I'm curious does anyone know if zombies will be online only? Or will offline play be available with local splits

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     If we all unite on Twitter and @ CallofDuty them (Shaw Shank/DDOS style) with an offline rebel army around the same time, then we will finally get a response.  We must unite as one hive mind!!!  UuuRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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    Gather as many of us as u can, and spread our movement with haste and power, through forum to forum.  Victory is on the horizon brothers and sisters... This the beginning.


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Definetly they wouldn't want to pull that feature also you can turn on COOP bots to assist you in maps like you were playing a 4 player game but they won't do any raster eggs steps but would be good to here what they say to give you clues on the possible steps to take etc. 

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