Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One


Over the years Call of Duty has gotten progressively worse. A steep decline in overall quality. Personal favourite update, really well thought out... Manual Healing.... 

Only the most die-hard blind fans would consider buying EVERY COD year in year out (you are a major part of the problem, you're buying polished turds) 


Every call of duty, up until this one, has had weapon niches, rushers used SMG, Campers/Defenders used LMG/AR and snipers were just there. Why is it that submachine guns, the spitfire in particular can be fired FULL AUTO from a distance (where in previous games the recoil would have have made it unwieldly) and engage me at AR distance? Why is it that a gun with 5 bars of accuracy and supposed *high recoil* can engage me at AR distance, np? Where it seems any SMG fired at me suffers no accuracy penalty from recoil.  What exactly have you done to this game? 


SMG's need a nerf in the way of a shorter damage drop off.... there needs to be a better stat comparison between guns as well, I cant see an MX9 SMG having comparable stats to the VAPR-XKG AR.... the higher caliber round in the AR would vause more damage... 


Rant over. 


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