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I’m in NA and I just recently started experiencing this problem. Called my ISP and all is good with my internet. Have been gaming for a while and have never had a problem like this. I’ve done some tests of my own to figure out the problem and I’ve noticed sort of a trend.

EVERY initial gunfight I engage in causes my ping to shoot anywhere from 200-800ms. Over the course of the game, depending on what’s happening, my ping will fluctuate throughout most of my gunfights. Some of the gunfights are flawless however and my beads are perfect, other gunfights include me shooting point blank at a person, sometimes while they’re not even moving, and none of the bullets connect until seconds after, sometimes not at all.

I play PC on a 1080ti, i7 8700k, 32GB DDR4 RAM, with the game running on an SSD. My internet speeds are very slow, usually 7Mbps down, 1Mpbs upload.

When I play I am the only one on my internet. I turn the WiFi off and make sure no other devices are hogging the bandwidth. Still haven’t found a fix yet. I’ve tried updating my network drivers, I’ve tried resetting my internet and also unplugging it and plugging it back in. I’ve reset my error logs in windows, I’ve tried port forwarding to see if that helps, I’ve tried also port forwarding through my windows defender fire wall. Nothing has helped!

Hopeful for a fix!

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