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We are flying across the map from nuketown and all the sudden the helicopter freezes in the middle of the air and wont move then all the sudden i had to drop off for the game to work again and then we get in a fight 2 minutes later and all the sudden 40 bullets are coming at me while there is a network lag signal in the middle of my screen and pulls me back towards the guy and i get killed. this garbage is happening alot and when this game first started it worked really well and now all the sudden they are being cheap and cant afford a proper server this is crap, if you put a game out working amazing and 2 weeks later it starts to suck you broke it or you have cheaped out i have a $6000 computer and a 1 gb internet connection with a asus rapture router and i get 100 latency that is just sad you guys need to fix your game thjat i paid money for keep your promise to your customers and make it like it was or this game wont last long and youll have a bunch of people sueing you for false advertising this game thx and hope you fix this before your down and out like modern warfare was.

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