disappointed with black ops pass

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I'm not looking for a refund or anything.  Maybe this can help someone else who is on the fence about the Black Ops pass for Black Ops 4.

I'm very disapointed with my purchase.  I have been let down by the Black Ops 3 Season Pass for killing the player base, poor matchmaking, and lag, and now I am experiencing the same issue with Black Ops 4.  I thought this time would be different because the DLC can no longer be purchased seperately, instead we have the 1 option to buy the Black Ops Pass.

I played the beta, I pre-ordered the game, I purchased the Black Ops Pass.  Fast forward to the content actually releasing, we get 2 new maps, and re-skinned variants of already existing maps (night time, snow).  Not only is that all we receive, I also experiece extremely poor matchmaking, longer search times, lagging multiplayer games.


Prior to purchasing it, I was really enjoying it.  Now I wish I never bought it.  Save the $70+ if this is something you are worried about.


Thank you. 

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