Very important problem queue times PLEASE WATCH

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Support

Well i dont know why is that happening and if you guys have this problem but. when i queue to play mostly all gamemodes are dead. I cant play only domination and tdm works and i have to wait 4-5 minutes to find me a lobby to play. Also most of the times if isnt all i get the message migrating host 9/10 games. I dont know what is happening or if its a region (location) "problem" but i want this to get fixed i bought this game 70Eur. to play it and i cant play it at all. Fix this or give me the option to change region to america or something so i can play too. 

PLEASE answer me.

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I just noticed this week.  Looks like 5-10 minute queue times for all game modes....well I haven't tested zombies yet, oh well looks like the game is ded already....kind of sad.

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Dis anyone ever respond to this? We have the same problem we sit 10 mins or more waiting for it to load players. It's terrible.

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