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So i recently got this game, i grinded for a day or two and finally got prestige 1, i had previously played cod so i undertstand the system.

once i had clicked prestige 1, the prestige worked fine, however, when i went to click on the gun i desired to permanantly unlock, there was no option to do so. 

So i did some research and found no solution, now i figured out that for some reason the swordfish is unlocked, and im rank 6 (prestige 1) so i assum that is where my unlock token has gone.

Now i want to know why and how it has gone there, and is there a way of me getting my token back?

I would understand a refund being insufficiant if i accidentally unlocked the wrong item or so, but none of it was my fault at all and to be honest, im very mad that a game i payed £60 wont even let me do what i should be able to do.

If you could get back to me it would be great, Thanks, Cole.

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