Searching.....Expanding Search. Can't find BlackOps Match

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Hello Just purchased this game a few weeks ago and have had nothing but issues trying to connect to blacktops matches. I have tried all 3 types (Solo, Quad, Duo) and typically Solo and Duo will just search for hours, Quad will find a server but will only have 20-30 people and deployment will never happen. All other game play modes work without issue. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue would be much appreciated.
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I have been having the same problem since the Dec. 4th PC patch. I was able to play with no problems with a moderate NAT type for weeks before Dec. 4th. 

Since then I have port forwarded the correct ports, enabled UPnP, tried countless restarts (PC and router) but nothing works. Even after I opened the correct ports and enabled UPnP I'm still at a moderate NAT for some reason as well. I just want to play the game.

MP, Blackout, and Zombies will not find a match.

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