Is there a bug about the snakeskin war paint option?

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I have gotten the snakeskin war paint for zero only and had it on with her before operation zero was finished. After all the other operations came, the option disappeared but she had it on, now with the new operation Spectre rising, she has it off and not even an option to have snakeskin... is there a bug or something about snakeskin? I really would want my warpaint back for zero.

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Hello there. This isn’t a bug i’m aware of but there may have an issue with equipping this after the most recent update and treyarch may have removed it temporarily to resolve the issue. It should be available to equip as soon as the issue has been resolved. If your friends are able to equip it then i would recommend checking your reserve history and you can contact official activision support @ATVIAssist on twitter, activision assist on facebook and on their contact website here:

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