I bought Cod points spent them in the store and now my purchase is not showing up on my character

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I guess my question is how do I get my points back Ordu received my character outfit that I bought I. I spent the money on the game pass got a thousand point plus bought 1000 used them in black market my points show me making the purchase but the outfit isn't showing in my purchases list I want to get this resolved or my points back who do I contact to get this resolved as soon as possible

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Hey, I'm sorry about that. After purchasing the outfit did you try to clear the cache on your system and restart your game to see if that helps? If you are still missing the outfit the best suggestion would be to go to your Black Martket purchase history and take a screenshot of the outfit and a screenshot of it not appearing if your outfits inventory and report it over to official support. They will be able to gather more information and assist further as soon as possible: 

Contact Us (Live Chat):https://support.activision.com/contact_us


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The live chat with an Activision agent on the contact us page should be available. The chat hours are from 11a.m. - 7p.m. Pacific Standard Time 

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