How to change the geographic region on black ops 4

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Can anyone help I have tried contact Activision and have had no answer as of yet

i like in the south of the uk but my geographic region is Glasgow Scotland 

which is 400 odd miles away

how can I change this or the question I should be asking can it be changed

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BROTHER! I am right there with you! I can't get a lobby to save my life.

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Hey Guys... 

on PS4 unless you know networking or use a proxy you wont win.... 

and even if you do a VPN/Proxy could cost you extra every month.. 


Im in South africa and have the sames issue

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Yeah, I’m in South Africa and my geographical region is London, England...


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Yea same here bro it was fine at launch but now all of the sudden it changed to London England 

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Hey dude.


I had the same problem.  I tryed to reset my Router. It worked. Try it for a few times.  I needed 3 resets then it was the right geographical region. 

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