Can't connect 2 different xboxes to same modem with Blops 4

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My wife and I each purchased a copy of Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Digital Deluxe for Xbox One as we were planning to play together in the same household which is on the same modem (naturally). However one of the consoles has a moderate NAT type which is causing continuous connections errors. Often disconnection the console with the moderate NAT type within minutes of entering a game. Our objective was simple, play together on two different Xbox Ones in the same house. Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 does not allow us to do this.

Of course, we've tried the recommended steps to fix the issue. We have been troubleshooting for about 16 hours now and this is what we've done to fix the problem on our end.

1. We have disabled or reduced the levels of our firewall on our home router.

2. We have enabled UPnP (universal plug and play) on our home router. We have also tried various solutions while UPnP was turned off as well. We also turned off Port Forwarding and enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). For the sake of time, I won't list all the tests we performed using UPnP turned on or off, however, please note that much work was done here and we covered all our options here.

3. All of our standard Xbox Live ports are opened successfully. Xbox Live NAT type is confirmed OPEN on both of our consoles.

Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)
Port 500 (UDP)
Port 3544 (UDP)
Port 4500 (UDP)

3. We have set port forwarding on our router to the IP address of our consoles using port 3074 User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Since there's more than one Xbox One console for gaming on our home network, we redirect the second console to port 3075 UDP/TCP. It appears that Black Ops 4 only sees port 3075. If that port is taken by another device the game does not recognize that the port is taken and try to move onto the next port, such as 3076. We've tried and tested this in depth. Black Ops 4 does not attempt to use ports other than 3075. Therefore our two console setup creates a situation where one of the two consoles cannot have port 3075 open. You can't open the same port on multiple devices, one port per device.

4. We tried using Port Forwarding for one console while placing the other console into the DMZ. We place one of our console’s IP address into the DMZ in our router. This had no effect and the NAT type remained moderate. For the sake of time, I won't go into details but these tests were performed correctly. The issues continued and the game remained unplayable.

5. We are using a wired ethernet cable for both of our Xbox One consoles.

6. My MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) is 1480 which is not the issue.

7. We called our internet service provider. After many tests and working with them for quite some time, the technicians came to the conclusion that Black Ops 4 does not properly assign a new port if port 3075 is taken. Therefore two consoles running Black Ops 4 on the same modem will have connections issues and there's no way to have the NAT type OPEN on both consoles at the same time under these specific conditions.

8. Having two consoles operating on the same home network will cause competition for ports - common symptoms are being able to access multiplayer on one, while the other cannot connect. We made sure to give each console a separate Static IP.

9. Our modem model is not capable of Port Triggering. If this is the only way to make our game work, then a refund will need to be issued. No other game on the market says, Port Triggering is required if you have two copies running in the same household. Also, we wouldn't have made the purchase if we would have known the game would be unplayable, obviously. No one would purchase on an unplayable game knowingly.

10. We have only one router active in the household.

11. We checked all the hardware for physical problems and all of our hardware is working fine.

12. We have restarted our router when it's appropriate during our tests.

13. We made sure other bandwidth-heavy applications on our network were turned off.

14. Bandwidth tests performed within Black Ops 4 menus show anywhere from 2600 Kbps to 4500 Kbps.

15. My Xbox's Detailed Network Statistics are the following and as you can see they are not an issue.

Download Speed: 94 Mbps
Upload Speed: 88 Mbps
Latency: 34 ms
Packet loss: 0%
MTU 1480

16. The exact error message I receive from Black Ops 4 is as follows: "ERROR: No network connection detected. You must activate a network connection to play Xbox Live or on a Local Area Network (LAN)"

So you can see that the standard recommended actions to fix this issue have been covered. We've put in the effort. It's just a game after all and doing this much work to play a game is simply a failure of the product.

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Same issue at our house. 
Purchased 2 copies of the game for me and my wife (on PC). We can connect one device be that mine or hers, but cannot connect both PCs at the same time to the CoD Servers. 

As you have done, I have tried all the suggestions and more. I work in IT and am excessively familiar with everything software and network side. I have tried everthing as it sounds like you have. I went as far as changing temp files, flushing DNS cache, and tweaking IP addresses. 

It appears  that the issue is related to external IP. 

It's odd though becuase I have a friend (only case Ive seen so far) who is able to connect his PC and his son's PC on the same network without issues.


After doing some research, I noticed cases of this going as far back as 2009 with no resolution. I requested a refund from Blizzard and Activision who both declined the refund. I am tempted to file a stop payment against them with my bank..... This is rediculous....

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I play fine on 2 xboxs in my houshold. I do one wired and the other on wifi. Never any connection issues. Been enjoying the game all weekend. Seems like you have a solid connection so using WIFI on one of the boxes might fix your issue. 


I also only purchased 1 digital deluxe copy and share it with my son. No need to buy 2 copies of games these days. 

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Going to playing with this tonight, as I'm having some similar issues.  Two Xbox consoles, and although intermittent, we lose connections too often.  I've even had my son's (18+, don't worry) custom classes appearing on my class loadouts, and his rank flickering between his rank and my rank in the game lobbies.  Definitely some dodgy stuff going on with traffic and uPNP.


I've done a bunch of research, and I'm flashing my router with a Merlin ASUS firmware (which my ISP recommended, enlightended as they are), removing all port forwarding (rather, not bothering any more), removing static IPs as defined on console network settings.  Then, I'll ensure uPNP is enabled (it always has been), specify DHCP Static IPs for both consoles based on their MAC address instead (which is apparently more successful) and recycle power on both consoles too (complete power off and on, as the quick power on can apparently mess with stuff apparently).


Will try to remember to update with progress.

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So, flashed the router with new firmware, which is much more stable than the old version and has more bells and whistles.

I reset port forwarding, assigned static DHCP IPs based on MAC address, reset power, and boom - had a nice open NAT to start with.

Interestingly, both of my Xboxes now report they are connected via both IPv4 and IPv6 (never had IPv6 before).  NAT isn't theoretically required over IPv6, so it makes some of this topic moot, but I've no idea whether it's actually using it.  Any tips on how to monitor what's going on in the background?

Tested gaming....not sure of difference.  Still got a couple of brief disconnections and a little flash of party audio chat (I wasn't in a party, but my son was).  Still laggy as hell in game.  Doesn't look promising.  I've since assigned alternative ports on the xbox network settings (usually 3074) and port forwarded the specified ports to the correct static IPv4 addresses.  Haven't tested since.  And if it's using IPv6, that is pointless.

Could be issues around P2P gaming network.  My understanding is all COD online is P2P, so someone hosts the game and everyone connects.  Rather than something like Battlefield, which has dedicated servers (nearest for me is in Australia, I think).




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Went out and got a WiFi adapter for one of our computers last night ($50). After testing, this didn't solve the issue for us. 
Thanks for the tip thought! 

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Glad to see I'm not the only one having this issue. My friend/roommate and I are on PC and I convinced(this took days of bugging him) to get the game and then we try to both play and come to across this issue. Great. I've assigned both of our PCs static IP via DHCP mapping through our MAC addresses. Our NAT types are both open too. Its just interesting how no other games have this issue for us, would love for activision to acknowledge this and come up with a fix especially for the fact that its on launcher where I came from Overwatch without these issues. You would think you could play with your friends on the LAN.
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I think the worst part about all of this is that there is record going back to 2009 that this issue exists, Activision and Blizzard acknowledge the issue and try to push blame on ISP and outright refuse to refund the game. Blizzard said they "tried to refund the game" but Activision isn't accepting further refunds? Sketchy af but short of a lawsuit nothing we can do but eat the cost of a broken game....


Frustrating even further is i stopped playing Call of Copy Paste back at MW3 becuase they couldnt do anything but copy paste.... now here we are with no campaign and a ligitimately broken game... IDK why I decided to give them another chance. Goddammit....

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Me and my brother tried the one wierd one wifi and even tried port forwarding with that and still nothing worked to get open nat type on both xboxs
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Having exactly the same issues with 2 xbox's and gameplay with Black Ops 4. 
I cannot find a way to allow both xbox's to have Open NAT types simultaneously. 

I haven't done all of the tests that you have done but can confirm that port 3075 UDP is the only port which upon opening is allowing me to have an Open NAT type, as i have tested 3074 and 3076 also. 

On my router page, if i change the IP address from the local IP address of the first xbox to the second xbox for port forwarding i can open the NAT type but it will cause the other xbox to become strict again
I have looked online for a bit but this article is so far the best comparison I can make to the issues I am having.

What can we do to stimulate a fix for this as im sure this is going to be a pain in the ass for anyone wanting to play the game with family on seperate consoles?

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