Can not apply war paint

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I don't know if skins and war paint are considered the same, but the skins are only obtained if you pre-ordered the deluxe addition or whatever one of the more expensive versions applies.

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hit options when in multiplayer, hit R1, select the character you wish to customize. "one customized character does not make all the same, js." select outfits, you should have on the left hand side one that says operator, and one that says black ops... you have to go to black ops for the diff camos and facepaint/warpaint. the black market warpaint/facepaint are in the operator's section

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I have the same problem and it's pissing me off. Is there no solution? I've been scouring the web since launch and there's absolutel ZERO information on this. What's going on?

Matt Mortem
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When I pressed the options button while looking at my character I went to personalise and selected the character I wanted to add a warpaint to. You dont need the outfit to equip the warpaint, you just need to unlock it through challenges or events. Hope this was helpful.

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the guy asked how to not who else is having the same problem, but it should be in the identity, so when you press options and look at paint shop, I hope this helps

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