Black Ops 4 Career Stats Not Updating

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Hi Everyone,


Has any of you experienced the issue where your career stats are not updating no matter how much time you play?  I've played over 2 days worth of hours in play time and yet my career stats only state 1 day of play time and have done so for over a month.


I'm concerned this issue will never get fixed, may have no fix or may require a user to utilize the "Fresh Start" option to completely wipe their account/progress/current stats and start all over again on progress.

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I have similar problem.
1- Zombie stats has been reset
2- Control mode stats in multiplayer wont update
and similar problems.
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I have the exact same issue on PS4.

I've played 6 days 21 hours and 35 minutes according to my STATs on the multiplayer menu (this seems to update correctly)
If I go to my CAREER Leaderboards it says I've played 17 hours and 32 minutes.... All my stats in the leaderboards are also frozen.

Hopefully someone can fix this and I don't have to do fresh start

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