accidental fresh restart

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I just finished a game of Endurance Chaos Moshpit and realized that I was able to prestige. So I went to go prestige to 3rd prestige, clicked the box that said Prestige 3 Available, and clicked accept. As I click accept I see that it says Fresh Restarting, so I quickly alt+F4 and close the game. I load the game back up and it fresh restarted me.

So my question is, are you guys able to bring me back to my Prestige 2 Level 55 version of my account? I have not played a game since it accidentally fresh restarted me, and I have evidence that I was Prestige 2 Level 55. So I beg of you, please bring me back to my level. I had over a day and half of in game play time, and diamond Assault Rifles, half way done with SMGs. 

Please help.

The photo below is taken from my friend and it shows my account being Prestige 2 Level 55.



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Sorry dude, you lost everything Smiley Sad
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contact tryarch or activistion they will fix this as along as you havnt played another game i had them do this for my blops 2 account and they are fixing peoples accounts that got hacked just saay it was hacked.

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