Sprint side ways in mulitplayer & blackout

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


I've checked and rechecked and can't get any answer to this. Can someone confirm that on PC, for multiplayer and blackout, there is no way to sprint side ways? I"m using default keyboard setting, left shift is bind to sprint and is set to hold (sprint stops when i am not pressing the shift button). I can see the sprint effect when i run straight. However, when i'm doing side way (left or right movement) there is no differences when holding the shift button;i don't see the sprint effect at all. Is this normal? or is my keyboard having issue?  I can reproduct this in both regular multiplayer and blackout.  The reason i'm asking this is i'm losing a lot gun fight in both multiplayer and blackout that the enemy is left and right sprinting so fast as they were sprinting when runing straight line. For mulltiplayer, i gues they are using either 2 or all 3 of dexterity / light weight / gung-ho? But i can't explain it for blackout. I was also told i need to enable "always run" but i can't find that option in keyboard setting for PC. Can someone help to confirm that this is what it's suppose to be? or am i doing something wrong? To clarify, when i see the enemy doing fast side way movement, they are not jumping at all, so this is is to to be confused with "jump-shot" I've tested myself left and right movement but it's as fast as i'm normal running WITHOUT sprinting. just realy confused with this.

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