Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC



How stupid can you be? 

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Sorry this kid is an inbred hillbilly tard and even in-game an obvious as hell cheater, but streaming his cheating puts him at a potato IQ. The amazing thing is how long he played using an Aimbot nevermind Walling.


This is why Activision / Blizzard needs a PC Ban (component level ban) and beyond a simple Machine Id ban .. and especially the current game only ban. The thought of an eventual Ban followed by a new account 5 minutes later and Hacking again is simply insanity. 


Nightly we are running across idiots like this in Hardcore. It's getting pretty ***** old!

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its the same thing in core you see this crap almost every single game.this kid needs to stick to cheetos

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At this point they're just flaunting it. They know they're not getting caught




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As I said...Cheating is legal in this game. LOL

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This game is a FRAUD! 

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Is that not Andy Milonakis?

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Basically what your against almost in every game since developers dont give a rats ass about their game or playerbase. Nobody even bothers to read their own forum

BO4 the laggiest pos in the planet
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