Is this going to be like COD WW2??

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Is anything actually being done about cheaters in this game? It is starting to feel like COD WW2 again where at the start is was fine and now more and more cheaters everyday. i hope you are going to do more about it in this game than WW2.

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X22 is making a lot of money, he is the only one with balls to keep on selling the cheat on his site, other sites such as AA and Systemcheats decided ti discontinue the cheat and sell it on a lame ass forum called ownedcore so they don´t have to answer each time the games is updated and the cheat crashes, LOL such a pussies, i take my hat off to X22 seems he is the only one with a pair of balls, cheers for the french coder.
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