Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


Cheater.pngcame across this guy. i picked up his gun when he died, and it had more than 400 ammo in it. I wasn't sure so checked it in the theater replay and made this screenshot. reported him too hope he gets banned quick!

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Let me guess. It was the cordite???? With the belt fed operator mod? Its part of the attachments for the cordite sir. It allows for over 400 rounds. You should take the time to learn the different weapons and the attachments before you go pointing fingers.

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like it matters most people left playing this trash is cheaters so chances are he WAS cheating...everybody else left this trash ass game

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Yes it would have been the Cordite operator mod. Just goes to show that many ppl don;t know what a real cheater is. WW2 now that had some real cheating in it's 1st quater, this game I have yet to see a legit cheater. 

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