Black ops 4 split screen?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Just spent nearly $200.00 on this game for split screen where is it? how do I enable it?


Sitting here with my buddy trying to play? wtf is going on.


"Black Ops 4's Zombies campaign will still fully support local split-screen play. ... Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will provide players with more customization options than we've seen in past Zombies modes."


"Call of Duty Black Ops featured the options for four-player split-screen in offline play and two-player split-screen for online play."


Every single review I'm reading says split screen even says, split screen in black out on pc?




K so every reviewer out there is lieing about black ops 4 having split screen on pc... it is not available just talked to an ambasator.... WIll be getting a refund as these moron developers are too stupid to exist per usual. F(@#*ing idiot developers, absolute morons!

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Hello Crimson,


I'm just as disappointed as you are.

I just spoke with official support, they told me PC Split-screen will be implemented in a few days.


I really hope we can trust this information.


Hang on!

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well I just put my refund through so this will be rather anoying....


I am literially reading reviews online that say you can play black out split screen on pc.... I don't get it.


I have to continue with my refund obviously as I did with cod wwii, and will buy the game again when the PC community gets something more than a watered down console port... it's getting really tiering, pc can probably do 4 player split screen easily because of increased hardware, I doubt we will see that though.


There are tons of people commenting pc split screen!, the lieing from these developers are getting out of hand so hopefully my government complaint gains som traction... no excuses for this delay.


I'm spending $150.00 on a video game and this is the crap they pull...  insane if I told my self 10 years ago I'd be paying that ammount of money for a cod game that has no campaign and only lies... it better have at least split screen....


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Hey. where did you read that Black Ops 4 has split screen on PC? Cam you link me the articles?

Im same, I want to buy the game but it doesnt look like it has splitscreen nor it mentioned it will have splitscreen (if it is can someone link it too) and if it doesnt that sucks because I will probably wont but the game.

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Can you show us a screenshot as proof of this? I might need to refund if they don't keep their word.

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Could you post here again if they add it please? I'm only buying it if it's added, and I don't know anyone who'd mention it if it was added. Thanks! 

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incorporate split screen for pc

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GO PLAY CONSOLE! Split screen...aim an xbox and sell your *****ty celeron pc.
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@Schwacked1 wrote:
GO PLAY CONSOLE! Split screen...aim an xbox and sell your *****ty celeron pc.

Thank you for your answer man, It really helped. 


Now your job is done, you can go to be useless anywhere else, thanks! 

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So I have an xbox which is supposed to have split screen and no the h&!! it dont.. Keeps kicking us out and I'm only trying for two players. It's a shame how much money this company makes and they cant deliver what's promised to us, let alone what we pay to receive. 

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