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Hey all, just had something rattling around my dome the past few weeks and figured I'd post about to see how you felt. I haven't really been gaming much this past year. When I found out my wife was pregnant, I made a choice to get rid of my consoles. I had been spending way too much time gaming, and for my own mental health I needed to get away for a while, not to mention there was a lot to do in order to prepare for my son's arrival. Maybe some day I will get back into console gaming, but I don't see that being for quite some time to come yet.


That being said, recently I had been jonesing for a little gaming. I looked around the Google Play store for something to sooth the itch, and downloaded an NES Emulator. Fun, but the controls on those are always sketchy... on-screen buttons and directional pads that aren't the most responsive. So the games I loved were there, but the experience was frustrating at best.I looked around the Play Store a bit more and stumbled across the Stranger Things game.


Now, I love the Stranger Thing Series, but am wary of games based on TV show or movie properties(based on my long history of gaming they tend to be some of the worst, with rare exceptions). The Stranger Things game, however, was an "8-bit" adventure game that looked promising. I have to tell you... it didn't disappoint. I don't think I have had that much fun playing a game like that since the original Adventure of Zelda captured my imagination.


It's very much like Zelda in that you have an overhead view and a map that reveals itself as you explore the world and unlock new dungeons and adventures. The game is set in Hawkins, and you start with one Character, Chief Hopper, who has a "super-punch" power. Like Zelda, you have to clear dungeons to advance through the game. Unlike Zelda, however, instead of getting new powers and weapons for your character, you unlock other characters from the show, each with unique abilities. First you unlock Lucas, who has a slingshot you can use to kill enemies from afar and activate switches. The "Dungeons" are locations from the show, including Hawkins Lab and Hawkins Middle. To get through the Dungeons, you have to use a mix of your characters' abilities to solve a series of puzzles, which get more and more challenging the deeper you get into the game. In the later Dungeons, you have to use Nancy and her bat to break through barriers, have Will Byers climb through small spaces to get to hard to reach spots on the map, and use Dustin's pudding cups to distract and attract enemies.


The controls are well done(no stupid on screen buttons or D-Pads, you lead characters with your finger or tap where you want them to go), and the game is tremendously fun and nostalgic for anyone who grew up with games like that. The only downside is that you only Unlock Eleven when there pretty much isn't anything left to do. It's fun just exploring Hawkins and doing side missions as well.


But that's the point here. A mobile game sparked my passion for gaming again. So my question here to you all is... have you had a similar experience? Were there games that restored or renewed your love of gaming when you had felt kind of burned out? Are there games you go back to when you need to remember why you game in the first place?





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Nice post


I didn't know what Stranger Things was and I played the game too, and like you loved it


I had a hiatus from gaming too, mainly work based though, just didn't have time to play so got rid of PS3 as it was then, and all games etc.


Changed jobs slightly and have a bit more time so my significant other decided she would buy me a PS4, and once again at a ripe old age I am gaming again

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I don't game that much.

When I play it is world of tanks mercenarys (console) on and off since lauch (5 years)

Since 2 weeks orso world of warships legends (console) 
Or farming simulator. Some slower games.


Just not the energie for fast pase games.

and a lot of games I loved to play aren't here anymore. The ye old ww2 games era

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