Blackout Level 80 whats the point?

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This is bs. You get to level 80 then there's no reason to play anymore. You max out. No more levels nothing special just your level 80 with a star. At least have gold and diamond outfits and guns. I got a calling card wow. I'm done with this crap. Spent over $100 and got pretty much the same crap as everyone. The emblems stuck. No different guns. CP points are a waste of money. I start buying them then realize the items was trash a waste. Wish I didnt download the game because it would be going back. I'm only own COD games and red dead but I'm done. Great job developers for screwing up the last three games.

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Some people play because they enjoy playing even if the number on the screen stays the same.
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because 42. So 40 times 2 is 80. A "logical" explanation.



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