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You guys got lazy as hell this year I stg. This is easily one of the worst games you guys have ever put out. You guys still cant get matchmaking correct. Every single time I hit find match you guys throw me in unwinnable matches. It’s not fair! You guy makes lopsided decisions in matchmaking. Teams are either really good or really bad. Even the maps you give up are just weather updates. You ppl who make this game are slacking big time. Y’all will never in life top MW2. *****ing disgrace you guys call a game smh. Do better COD, trash asses

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Seriously. Recolored skins, recolored maps, and weather, fog wind rain oooh its night time. Lmao your so right. These people are lazy pos. How many fking face paints do we need and skins with out new models. Then wen they come out with new maps they are trash!

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