Why do I lag out of every single match other games I play online is nice and smooth

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My download speed is between 60-70 Mbps and my upload speed is 4.1mbps but Everytime I try to play black out I'll get in it runs smooth for about 2 minutes then says connection interrupted and either everyone else freezes and I'm just running around the map or it brings me under the map for almost a minute and then puts me back into game. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if there is a solution to this problem because I just want to play 1 full game without lagging out and being useless to my team. Other games I play online run smooth but it's just call of duty that does this.


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If you're not exaggerating, and it really happens right at two minutes, I'd be willing to guess that you are in, or near, Germany. Am I right? There is A very legit reason I am asking this. I played with my good friend from here on the forums, and like clockwork, we were kicked every two minutes. 


Does this happen to you playing solo, or does it happen in a party? Or both? I'm just looking for similarities. Please accept my apologies for trying to answer your question by asking yet more questions. One day, we will get this figured out.


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I think the game (from matchmaker to servers to lag comp to netcoding etc etc) just isn't suited for the big difference is internet connection people have.

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