Why are your featured modes all on player hosted servers?

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(I was almost one of those idiots that ran out of room on the subject line, that would have sucked.)

Tonight, I decided to give all of your featured modes a go. After an hour or so, I was still unable to form an opinion because, unfortunately, all of my matches were played on a player hosted server, all with bad cases of host advantage. I want to complain and be a jerk and throw a tantrum, but I'd rather figure some things out. These are honest questions to anybody at Activision, because I may be able to change some things on my end for a smoother experience.


1. Why does it appear all of your featured modes are on player hosted servers? My first few matches, my in-game bandwidth only showed 2981kbps, so I shut everything down, and adjusted some settings to where 8mbps from our ISP plan would be dedicated to my PS4, while also taking 90% of our download bandwidth. I "unshared excess bandwidth) since it's just me here, and that upped my in-game bandwidth to 4170kbps. Despite all of this, every featured game mode was a player hosted server. I have pics I could PM you, but I know that without video to sync the screenshot to, there really is no context, and you'd basically have to "take my word for it." Not exactly the best way of proving a point. Seriously, what is the requirement to be placed on a dedicated server (I'm well beyond close enough,distance wise, to the Elk Grove server that this should not be an issue.)


2. The thing I really hate is that the endurance game mode really gives players the chance to earn a lot of XP per match, but when you're on a player host, the matches are always blowouts. I'm genuinely confused why I can get on a normal, old game mode like HCKC, and be placed on the elk Grove server 90% of the time, but you guys have not optimized anything to try to herd all of your players trying the new modes onto dedicated servers. Unlike earlier, where it was not 100% noticeable as to whether or not you were on a dedicated server, these matches were so bad a blind man could have told you something was seriously off. One match, I joined in to see 188-20 gameplay, which was fine by me. I know players leave, and I'll be thrown into nightmare games, but the players on the other team never seemed to take damage. Even when shot from behind, all this did was alert them to my presence. 


In closing, I just want to say that I'm disappointed. I've been one of your biggest cheerleaders, even when the game did not deserve to have excuses made for it. I'm not saying that we have reached that point, yet, but please, for the love of God, let me know what the requirements are to be placed on a dedicated server. Not one single player hosted server, tonight, was playable. I don't say that sarcastically, or in just; I'm telling you the truth. Feel free to look through my game plays. You know my PSN ID, and maybe you can tell me what's going on. The only thing I can tell you is where the player hosted server is located, roughly. 


I seriously want this game to get better, which is why I am being so harsh on it here. I'm more than well aware that Treyarch is not here, but this is your game too, and I know you guys actually do care about your game, regardless of the rhetoric that takes place on the forums about you guys just being money hungry. Perhaps you can pass this along, and maybe search for answers. I guarantee you that 99% of the players who experienced what I experienced today don't care as much as me, and said "this game sucks", and left it alone. 


Seriously, this is for your own good, unless you actually really do not care. 

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Well dropping player numbers mean more room on dedis. So the normal modes should run better.

So other modes needs to be peer to peer.



Naaah they just ducked up

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I feel you. I figured barebones would be on dedis 100%, and when it wasn't, I couldn't help but wonder if something was wrong on my end (knowing dam good and well there wasnt). I've begun trying to have a "normal" network, instead of just my PS4 and Laptop connected when I am gaming. So, I give my console 90% of upload bandwidth, which shows as 9.0mbps on my router, and everything else gets around 1mbps up. Yet, in game, that number fluctuates from 2000s to 4000s, even with my phone and tablets on mobile data.


I really wish they would free up some room for that one mode I mentioned, and the Merc Playlist. They need to get rid of a lot of the "crap" that very few people play, or at the very least, set it to peer host only. 


They know what game modes are popular, hence HCKC being housed on dedis. Even with parties, the game played great. The moment I got thrown on to peer hosted, pardon my French, the game went straight to shtit. That unplayable garbage where one team has an advantage for half the match, while the other team has the advantage the other half. Just a constant clustercluck of garbage. I know I'm going to be told, "not enough players were playing that mode in the server area, which is why you got put on peer hosts", which is crap, seeing as how none of the other players were that far away from me.


This game just flat out does some dumb stuff, and I can't understand it, and asking for help is like asking for somebody's banking information. It needs to be addressed, and I'm hoping ATVI will send this to Treyarch over on Reddit, because I refuse to have idiots that can not comprehend my post pull the post for a reason that makes no sense. 








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