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Why not???? Why are you guys not remastering Black Ops and Black Ops 2 for the PS4 and Xbox One ? They would be huge sellers for the franchise. Most of the people that I have ever talked to about Call of Duty loves these two games. I personally think they were the best ones yet. Just some heads up.

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Because people want new games.  If I want to play bo2 on Xbox I already can.

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Because cod fans want a new

Campaign that is good and not filled with bits just to make it longer. See ww2

Multiplayer. Boots on the ground 6vs6 and 9vs9


Good connection 

Free DLC

No supply drops 

No other way to burn money than base game

Roll the dice. Life is a gamble
GRaS is OP. Green Stars are OP
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I don't want them remastering garbage again. Cod4 was a great game, what it got remastered to..... Trash, people took complete advantage over how Overpowered the M16 was, they got the 50cal wrong..... They shouldn't remaster any games.... ever again.... Not to mention they added more weapons... made players pay for old DLC....

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