Whats up with these 1-hit-kills in Blackout?

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After the latest update last week the game is messed up even more. Is this a bug or what?

People hitting me 1 times with their gun in Blackout and i die instandly. No matter if i have full hp and/or vest level 1 or 2. And no, it was no 1-hit-kill weapon like knife or money bag, they just hit me with their normal weapons.

This NEVER happend before. Anyone else noticed this? I am on xbox btw.


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I think its a perk you pick up in those green boxes called brawler. Super cheap. Nothing should 1 hit anyone but a sniper shot to the head, a bomb, a knife to the head/kneck (not the foot, or leg etc) Iv been 1 hit knifed in the foot while jumping out of the way. Like dafq. That shouldnt even hurt me! You know I got those steel toe army boots on son! But for real that ***** shouldnt hurt you.

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