Update 1.14 downloading twice

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I just bought BO4 downloaded the update file and update 1.14 and they both installed without errors. While playing it started downloading 1.14 again, same file size and version number. I have the disk version and also my system is up to date. The total of all 3 downloads are around 150gig once 1.14 is done again 🙄 Any thing helpful is appreciated. Attached is the the picture of the two 1.14.1B6B0B20-9099-4646-8783-889F75FE0E39.jpeg


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I can't guarantee this is completely true.


It's seems like BO4 has some sort of glitch (shocking) that when installing/downloading updates initially for a fair amount of people the sizes of the files are about 75% larger then what they really are the system apparently just downloads/and installs "empty" data on the system that actually takes up space.

Granted. You did you have to install the entire game seeing as you just purchased it so you'd have a fair amount of catching up to do with updates and I've never personally purchased a strictly online game this late in it's life cycle to know how exactly the game treats updating it and whether or not it takes into account all the update data needed to be installed with the actual games data or not.

It doing it twice is incredibly random and sounds like it's just having a malfunction of sorts or it's not registering some part of the update,or something isn't properly installed so when you get to the point in the game that needs that bit it basically redoes the entire download.
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Alright Thanks!! I’ll see what happens after this one finishes. Maybe someone else might have something else to say😉
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Hello I am benny from Norway And had the same thing as its downloading twise.. But, i Had it on the update 1.23 and updated it twise but also a weak later the same update is getting downloaded with the same nr 1.23 and with the same size..


Can someone help me why this is happening and what to do with it?


Thanks, benny

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