#Treyarch #Activision please fix days of summer DLC weapons being in reserves???

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I feel like the new weapons they added in days of Summer should not be in reserves it's too hard to get those weapons with all the duplicates they should take out duplicates to make it easier or make it so you can do contracts that will give you none duplicate protection of bribes for the mark 2 weapons and DLC weapons but honestly I feel cheated that the ballistic knife was not in the tiers 😢 feels like this game is a pay-to-win now it's like you have to put in thousands of hours or pay hundreds of dollars just to get a DLC weapon because of all the duplicates I am really disappointed I don't have that time or money cuz my life and my job it makes it hard because I'm zombies player and yes you can get the weapons in the box but it's not the same since I can't put camos or attachments on it until I unlock it that's sad please fix this!!!

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As a huge zombie player myself,its just so stupid to see the new weapons locked in reserve.

Just playing zombie mode with a 34 days event,you only reach tier 68(assuming you don't miss any day) which in the end only give 18 reserve in a pool of 1100+ items+dupe.That's just wrong.

It will probably get worst with future event.


Edit: Weapon bribe won't help as there's more mk2 than base dlc gun.

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