To all the campers in both multiplayer & blackout

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Don't worry cos I feel the same about people jumping and spraying round corners. 

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@JustTim20 wrote:

Just want to say, everytime i get killed in both Multiplayer and Blackout because people are sitting in a corner where i don't expect them to be, just really takes the fun out of the game for me.


This is epic.  Compaining about the enemy killing you from places you don't expect them to be and how that really takes the fun out of the game for you.   If you haven't realized yet that the only reason they are doing that IS to take the fun out of the game for you then you have totally underestimated the brilliance of your enemy. 








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I don't know why you made this post. This must be your first COD because campers have been in the games since Multiplayer has ever existed. Not just in COD. You might want to buckle down and open your eyes, don't run into the same spot, try to flank, or just avoid that side. Simple solutions.

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Once again, this is another rant on the same subject as always. Camping is a play style and if it ticks you off it is due to the fact you aren't successful against it. Blackout is centered on the stop and pop play style that most wrongfully refer to as camping. Maybe it would be better if we stood out in the open for you like a shooting gallery. Maybe then you would be satisfied. Also, you have no right to tell people who enjoy the game to stop playing as they paid there $59 bucks just like you did. Get a life bro.
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Sounds like another person who just needs to get good at cod. 

 I would counter and say the run mindlessly around shooting is a crap playstyle and u hinder your team. 

Maybe if you were better at the game those campers wouldn't kill you. I know for a fact I dont have an issue with campers. 


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Yeah maybe if you were better at camping the campers then you wou'ldnt get killed so much by the campers. Then you'd be an average COD player. 

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i hate campers but mo will have them just have to learn


and blackout...... thats battle royal brotha


its gonna happen


Only the Strong survive 


and BLACKOUT is horrid


its designed for camping



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Designed by campers for campers!

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Who are you to tell someone how to play a game? Did you pay for my game? Some maps I enjoy camping a little but mostly I don't. When I do, you just have to deal with it. If you don't like it "DONT PLAY THIS GAME". I'll watch for your username in lobbies and camp on you FO SHO
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This is basically a "Adjust your play style to a way that my play style has an advantage over you and i can say i am unstoppable. I do not want to learn, adapt and overcome." 

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