To all the campers in both multiplayer & blackout

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I wouldn't say that is common knowledge.

It is more of a myth.

There are plenty of campers that are really good. In fact, campers seem to be good enough at the game to make people come on here and complain and/or even feel like the game is ruined because of them.

It's very contradictory to say campers are bad at the game while they seem to kill people so effectively that this many people come on here and comp[lain about them.
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Campers camp simply because they dont have the gun skills to compete with rushers. So yes, 99% of the time time they are less skilled players. As people have stated though, it's your $60 and if you want to spend it, sitting motionless in a corner for 10 minutes.. all so you can shoot people in the back. So be it. I actually prefer playing campers , as I know to check all corners..and I know if I spot a camper, even most times if he spots me first..I'll still win that gun fight.
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@UgotP00pedon wrote:
Campers camp simply because they dont have the gun skills to compete with rushers. So yes, 99% of the time time they are less skilled players.

Opinions stated as incorrect facts....Fake News.


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Maybe campers camp because of all the scared bitches that have to jump around every corner and jump all the time instead of having a straight up gun fight. Or the side to side dancers while in  a gun fight. If I come across them, I either leave or camp. Deal with it. Are you a jumping ho?

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Jumping and strafing are a huge part of the game... it allows you change angles etc.

Are you telling me you just stand still and shoot?? I'd love to play you Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy
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Camping is the key to blackout success. Holding down a building does take skill and you've less chance to be gunned down inside a house as you would be jumping around the hills and fields. It is annoying to be killed by a corner camper but you'll never stop it.
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But see in multiplayer you can get to them eventually and kill them in a humiliating way





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I have always been a rusher and I just absolutely do not get the camper hate and never have.

Being mad at campers in CoD would be like being made at football teams for passing the ball and not just running it all game. Or being mad at a basketball team because they shoot threes instead of trying to aggressively take it to the rack everytime. It makes no sense and the only people who get mad at it are those who really just don't understand the game.

And if people are mad at campers now, then imagine how upset people would be if good campers had Claymores that get replenished with the Scavenger perk so they could have an unlimited amount of claymores set up? Or the portable radar from MW3 that would last a whole match so long as it didn't get shot out. The sensor dart and mesh mine are weak sauce.

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funny thing i would expect to be a lot of reply to this post. I know why because there is a *****load off campers in this game!!!
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