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I would tone down the smug elitism, brony...


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Make your mind up..

It's either a *****ing hour long update or a 9 hour update.
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Just goes to show how untested and unfinished this game was when Trasharc released it. But hey, they’ve got their money now.

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Hell I agree I'm using mobile hotspot I'm tired all these updates constantly.
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Yeah this game is becoming the size of three games put together when it comes to memory. Just pleasing crybabies and making changes to the game so they dont die or lose in certain ways.

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You mean nerfing everything so everyone can get a participation trophy? And normies can infect everything with their mediocrity?

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Also they should make the full game before they sell it. Most those updates are adding ***** that shoulda been in the game before they sold it.

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I agree that a game should be complete before it is sold- that's just common sense shtit that has gotten lost in the age of preorders. However, updates are a double edge sword. On the one hand, it's nice to be able to send out a hot fix when an exploit makes its way past internal testing. While on the other hand, it's completely understandable that folks get fed up with having to update their game every Tuesday. 


I wish this game would just decide what it wants to be, and be that. I'm sick of rotating "featured" game modes, especially when the featured game modes come at the expense of removing other game modes. While I understand the reasons they are doing this, I think they severely over estimated how well the community would receive the constant removals, additions, and hell, in one case, even mash ups of other modes (chaos domination, or whatever it's called). 


Let's face it, quality control testing hasn't been the greatest with this CoD. Everything from the chopper transporting the care package getting stuck, unable to drop the care package, to people finding ways to get themselves under/in/above the map has happened post launch, and they still need an update to fully fix. However, I know what you're trying to say, and I'm sure many others feel your pain as well. 


The real problem, for me, is that after my PlayStation completes downloading the update, it then goes into a seemingly perpetual state of "copying game file..." That is more annoying to me than anything else in the game. 

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Yah I dont play on console so Im sure its gonna be different issues between pc players and console players.



They are way to bold in using this game and the customers as guinea pigs to test on for their micro transactions, and the lazy bs we are willing to put up with.


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